Is a cup of coffee more than a necessity for late night working hours or for an energy boost in the morning for you? But it’s a lifestyle millennial recognize, appreciate and enjoy? Surely Colombia must have a place on your bucket list. For any coffee lover, a visit to Colombia’s coffee region, enjoying the flavour of the different types of coffee produced in the country is a “must”.

1. Any time is good to visit
First of all, because Colombia has so many different microclimates, the coffee production continues all year round compared to other countries where there are just one or two harvests during the year.

2. Colombia it’s not just about the ‘Gringo Trail’ anymore
It’s no secret that the goal of many travellers is to visit a place that hasn’t been overly touched by tourism, escape the crowds, explore, discover, etc. Luckily, Colombia is the third largest producer of coffee in the world, and it grows in about 22 of Colombia’s 32 departments, so it’s easy to make a farm visit, a coffee tour, and tasting experience as part of the trip itinerary. Hit the coffee triangle of Medellin, Pereira, and Manizales, get off-the-beaten-track for the best coffee experience. Most standard Colombian coffee is grown by relatively small farms and then collected and exported by the Colombian Coffee Federation.

It’s no wonder that coffee tourism plays an essential part in Colombia and allows people to see that the country, consequently has more to offer than a perfect 2-week itinerary on a typical traveller route of ‘Bogota-Medellin-Cartagena-Santa Marta.’

Don’t miss the Parque Nacional del Cafe, which is an amusement park based on coffee.

3. Probably the best way to experience the authentic local culture
Take a few days and experience life as a local coffee farmer. Discover coffee production process, take tours of the facilities, blend with some local farmers. Most of all witness the roasting of the beans. Finally ground and brew yourself an incredibly fresh and tasty cup of coffee. Drink it like a local, like a true coffee lover. Sounds good, right?!

Colombia has probably the unique mix of ethnic cultures, ranging from indigenous African roots to Spanish settlers. This combination creates some of the nicest people on the planet.

4. Maybe not as bad as you think
For a long time, Colombia was ignored by the tourism world for being too dangerous. Nowadays, amazingly happy people of Colombia compensate for the uncertain past. The country has not only created a positive, friendly, but also much safer environment for tourists. The good tourism infrastructure, lots of hotels and hostels, and plenty of agencies and activities make it easier to visit all those exciting and diverse places and make your trip only a great one.

Have you ever tried Colombian coffee? What did you think?