Municipal Theatre of Sao Paulo – City gem!

Even though Sao Paulo is the most important economic centre in Latin America, it has many cultural attractions and endless variety of things to do, and the best part is – most of them are totally free. São Paulo’s cultural scene includes excellent programs with the best orchestras, operas, ballets, exhibitions, museums and shows. ForWhyWay will help you make it easier to explore the biggest city in the southern hemisphere, by showing you our best travel tips.

Mucicipal Theatre SaoPaulo
Municipal Theatre of Sao Paulo interior

Yeahhhhh, there you have it! Now you know!!!

Below we listed some of the free events in Municipal Theatre of Sao Paulo in June. Among the attractions, there are recitals on Mondays and different concerts on Wednesdays (Musicals Wednesdays) in the Noble Hall. There are also free courses with one of the most renowned Music schools in Latin America.

In addition, the building itself is worth visiting, even if you are not a fan of music. Visit Municipal Theatre of Sao Paulo and appreciate the magnificent décor of its halls and auditorium. It is one of the most important theatres in Brazil and landmark that has its place on nearly every postcard of the city of São Paulo. This European-style classical theatre, designed by Ramos de Azevedo, opened to the public in 1911. By the way, it looks awesome at night when it’s lit.

The square in front of the theatre has been one of the main places for street demonstrations in São Paulo. For example, a protest led by Não Vai Ter Copa (‘There won’t be a World Cup 2014’).

Some schedules selected for this post:

Music Wednesdays in June:
Date: Wednesday, 6/6, 18h and Wednesday, 20/6, 18h 

Happy Hour in the Municipal Theatre

The program is subject to change. All program and more info: MunicipalTheatre Official Page  But, if you want to make an educational visit, read below.

Mucicipal Theatre SaoPaulo_4

Educational Tours

If you are a foreigner: There are English tours available Wednesday to Friday: 11 am and 5 pm and Saturday: 11 am
If you are Brazilian: Spontaneous Public (1 to 10 people)
Individual reservations can be made personally at the counter next to the box office. As long as you make sure to arrive at least one hour before the visit, first come first served system.

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It’s Free.

Schedule: Wednesday to Friday: 11 am, 01 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm and Saturday: 2 pm and 3 pm. Duration: +/ – 1 hour and a half. There are not visit on Mondays, Tuesdays, Sundays and Holidays Click here and read more information about Educational Visits.

Theatro Municipal de São Paulo
Municipal Theatre of Sao Paulo